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Sing-der Company stands a part as a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier dedicated to unsurpassed quality production. Comprehensive service and innovative solutions for all aspects of our customers needs---stamping metal, molding plastic, molding header / base , bobbin---etc. Founded in 1992, we are one of the top leading producers of precision plastic molds, header, base, bobbin for computer, auto-electronics, communications and telecommunications industries. Sing-der's advance management concept, standardize product quality, and extensive research and development of high precision products are at the core of our success. We manufacture components, semi-finished items and specialize in molding openings and high-tech production technology. We understand that for our clients time is essential in meeting market demands. Sing-der Company has stream lined the production line Sing-der to meet challenge. Our global customers include: Power One , Pulse, BCM, Netcom, Filtran, E &EM, EMC. Sing-der Company attaches great importance to the quality of molds. All our molds are made in-house designed by experience engineers and produced by skilled machinists. In-house mold making allows a close communication between mold / tool department and production which ensure that pre-production and first article runs are accomplished with minimal time window. Sing -der molds a wide variety of encapsulation shells and header, base, bobbin. Choose from our product lines or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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